Pop bob lives in a candy shop at King’s road, London. He graduated at Central Saint Martins College of Art, studied communication design. He loves everything sweet, colourful and fashionable.

He is a designer, an artist, a traveller, a photographer, a chef……….., basically anything that he enjoys doing. Pop Bob’s living philosophy is to enjoy life and be happy and sweet.

Spectacles and bow ties are Pop Bob’s icons. His bow tie is in fact a candy. Each bow tie has a different flavours, different flavours matches with his different style.


A friend of Pop Bob from Epsom. He might be a thoroughbred but in fact he has gone “nuts” from eating far too much chocolate. He has this delusion that he is going to melt like chocolate and has to be kept at a cool and dry place.

choco nut

A close friend of Pop Bob from Paris. She graduated with honours as a fashion designer but decided  to become a “pâtissière”. She is learning from a master pastry chef and has the ambition to win the prestigious “Un des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France”!  She is tough and chill.


These are a loving pair of teddy bears made by Pop Bob out of marshmallows. They were especially designed as a gift for Prince William and Kate for their royal wedding in 2011. The mushy couple symbolize love and loyalty

royal mallow

A friend of Popbob from Sydney. He is a dessert editor with a sweet tooth. Waffle served with walnut ice cream is his favorite. He is smart and sweet.


Pop Bob once ate jelly sweets at his back garden and accidentally dropped some onto the green. One day, a tall tree grew and there were Jellies hanging from its branches! Pop Bob rescued Jellies down and they are now Pop Bob’s pets. They are fun and joy to play with.


Pop Bob once bought some eggs from a chicken farm. He decorated them using caramel flavoured paint for Easter. Imagine his surprise when the very next day they cracked open and out popped the Turffees! They are now Pop Bob’s pets. They walk slowly and smoothly.